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Lesson number four: Be appreciative of the little things. Of the big things. Of everything. Just appreciate. There were points on the trail where I was sure I was going to have to stop, like on the way to Dead Woman’s Pass. You know, the point where we were over 4200 meters in elevation? Yeah, that day. But then I looked behind me, and saw just how far we had come. Each time I turned around, I saw the campsite slowly shrink in size as we ascended further and further towards the peak. And each time I stopped to gather some oxygen and swallow the nausea, I was so appreciative that I had the opportunity to feel all the uncomfortable sensations. Because that meant I was ALIVE. And even more so, because I was fortunate enough to be on the Camino Inka with my new family. And this leads me to my last portion of the multi-part series...

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