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Hindsight is 2020

We are halfway done with 2020. I repeat, we are halfway done with 2020. This marathon that we're on is 50% complete. THANK GOODNESS.

I know many of us, myself included, would like to fast forward as quickly as possible to December 31st, 2020 at 23:59. When we all entered into this new decade, we had no idea there was going to be so much negativity and death. No idea that we couldn't be near loved ones near or far, no idea that we would be unemployed, no idea that our mental health would be so compromised and challenged, and certainly no idea that a pandemic would rage across the entire globe.

If we knew what 2020 would serve on our plate, what could we have done differently in years past? Taken better care of our health to better prepare for future years? Visited countries far and wide? Spent more time with loved ones? Created a savings account for emergency purposes? Maybe said yes instead of no?

But woulda, shoulda, coulda really doesn't help, now does it? They say that having 20/20 vision means your eyesight is perfect. You can see anything coming your way (at least from 20 feet away). And looking back you know what you should have done. Hindsight is 2020. Many of us do not get a second chance, let alone a third, fourth, or fifth.

So knowing what we know now, how can we change and transform into a better human? How can we listen and stand back to observe before acting? We can learn a lot just by observation of our own actions, thoughts, patterns, and habits. We can also observe actions and speech of those around us, and challenge each other to speak and act with kindness.

We have to continue moving forward in a smart and positive direction despite all of this negativity. We can't go backwards - no one wants to relive these past 6 months (at least I don't). We have to be open to change. Change in the way we think, the way we spend money, the way we eat, the way we speak and act around others, just change. It's going to be hard. It may be scary. Get that in your head. But in the long run, we're going to look back on 2020 and say "I used that negative, shitty year and turned it into a year of growth to be strong and kind for the rest of the years of my life."

And while I'm here: No more deaths in the black community from racist individuals. No more racism. No more prejudice against any minority based upon skin color, race, background, gender, sexual orientation, religion or lack there of, amount of education, family history, disability, age, genetic information, or any other subject. JUST NO MORE. BLACK LIVES MATTER. Rise up AGAINST racism.

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