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What is a Yoga Retreat, Where on Earth is the Sacred Valley, and Why YOU Should Attend Ours

(yo‧ga rə‧trēt)

When I think of a yoga retreat, I think of daily yoga, meditation, channeling my inner self, enjoying the company of other like minded people, putting my phone away, and exploring beautiful Mother Earth all while getting away from life’s stressors. You know, those people who cut you off in traffic while giving you that lovely pointed hand gesture. And the forever multiplying deadlines at work that seem to be on an assembly line. And the play-dates, the after school programs, the lunch meetings, the errands that are never completed, the household chores, the doctor appointments, the honey-do lists…you get the picture.

Take note, a yoga retreat is not there to get rid of these stressors once you return. But please, leave them at the door of the airport before you enter into the yoga retreat. You’ll be glad you did. (And sorry, I can’t tell your boss to take an easy on you for the rest of your career, and tell the errands to run themselves). Nope. These will all be there when you get back. But you know what you can control when you get back? Your reaction to these stressors. You can deviate away from your quick decision to get mad or upset or volatile when the last errand on your list actually created two more, or when your child screams bloody murder when he or she doesn’t get what they want. Or, my personal favorite, when the boss walks in at 5 pm and tells you that the deadline for your next assignment (which was due in 3 weeks) is now due tomorrow morning. You can now take a deep breath, reassess these stressors, and take it on with a new sense of strength and control. You will leave a yoga retreat feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, renewed, and READY TO TAKE ON LIFE’S NEXT ADVENTURE when you do return back home. These positive gains. The ability to exponentially reduce how these stressors affect you. THAT, my yogis, is what will change during a yoga retreat.

According to Ché Dyer of, “[A yoga retreat] is an opportunity to reconnect to yourself, to deepen your yoga practice, to connect with like-minded people and to nourish, restore and reset the body, soul and mind.” And according to Manmohan Singh of the “Going on a yoga retreat is a really worthwhile thing to invest your time and money in. It’s likely to push you out of your comfort zone in a new and often beautiful location. You’ll spend time with some unfamiliar faces who are yet somewhat similar to you, each trying to break away from daily life…”

In other words, your yoga retreat is what YOU make of it. The amount that you put in (you know, to yourself), exponentially grows into the amount that you receive.

Where in the world…?

Ahhhh. The Sacred Valley. Valle Sagrado. This marvelous area is the Heart of Peru in South America (well, I think it is anyway), but truthfully, along with Cusco and Machu Picchu, it forms the heart of the Incan Empire. Filled with rich culture, iconic flora and fauna, nutritious food, and beautiful inhabitants, this region pours out love to all of the visitors who seek to see these awe-inspiring sites. It’s cup runneth over unto you. It is a region known for its women weavers and textile crafts made from alpaca wool, its farmers who cultivate over 4,000 types of potatoes, and its children who smile at you from afar while playing el fútbol. Robust porters fill the Camino Inka, helping those who long to travel along this famous trail. It is the site of one of the 7 Wonders of the World, and it is just waiting for YOU to explore.

You! I think you need a Yoga Retreat!

The 7 Day Yoga Retreat in the Heart of the Sacred Valley, Peru is a one-of-a-kind yoga retreat. Not only will you learn how to tune inward, you will do so in a safe and sacred space, surrounded by love and support of your inspiring yoga instructor, knowledgeable tour guide, and your fellow yogi tribe. Here, you can leave your stressors at the airport as you enter out into Cusco and into the arms of the Sacred Valley. Come get lost in wonder while exploring Machu Picchu with us, savor the local flavors created by the Quechuan people, become one with Pachamama (Mother Earth) during ancient ceremonies led by Medicine Men and Women, hike to and marvel at the Archaeological Sites, smile with the alpacas, and harness your ability to become a mentally and physically stronger and more flexible individual.

This yoga retreat will help facilitate the actions required for you to reconnect with yourself and your yoga practice, and gain the knowledge required for you to continue once you return home to your daily routine.

Not convinced yet? Let’s look at everything that is included in this experience: 7 night accommodations in beautiful Casa Andina Hotels, every meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner all seven days), snacks and water, a welcome gift, private transportation and/or train ride to every location we’ll visit, private airport transport for arrival and departure, hikes throughout the Sacred Valley, all tickets into every Archaeological Site (including Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu), daily yoga and meditation (plus more!), a skilled tour guide and yoga instructor the entire trip, and email and phone support before and after the retreat! *Phew*!

And my favorite part of what’s included is the portion that will be donated to the non-profit organization Heart of Isidora Donations provide health, nutrition, and education to the children who live high up in the Andean Villages with little access to these imperative needs.

Now, if we calculate all of this up into one lump sum and compare it to our pricing, you are actually saving over $1000 by traveling with our group! With those kinds of savings, you could buy a few extra souvenirs for your friends and family, or better yet, save up for a future retreat! You can join in with your friend(s), your significant other, or make time to just be with yourself! Unlike some yoga retreats, ALL levels of yoga backgrounds are encouraged to join us - from the newbie yogi eager to begin their mindful practice, to the advanced yogi wishing to enhance their practice. Ready to learn a new language? You may even learn a Quechua word or two from Alfredo!

Are you ready to join or have more questions? Visit to book now, or for more information. Your tour guide Alfredo, and yoga instructor Carrie (ME!) are SO excited for you to be apart of this journey.

Breath. Take that leap. And join us.

Sulpayki (thank you) for reading and supporting Dihedral Yoga, LLC and Peru Andes Discovery! Namaste yogis.

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