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March Resolutions

Welcome to March, yogis! Can you believe it?! Where is 2020 going? I have recently come to the conclusion that New Year's Resolutions rarely last to this point in the year. Heck, they barely make it to February 1st. Ever notice the gyms are packed, your mat is an inch away from your neighbors, and all the healthy food in the grocery stores is gone in January? And now, the so-called gym rats dwindle, there’s usually more space between yoga mats, and food freely flows at the health food store.

As we all know, a few of the top goals at the beginning of the year are always “lose weight”, “get fit”, and “be healthy”. Others include “travel more” and “improve a relationship”. March is the perfect time to revisit these goals and see how far we have come. After all, Daylight Savings Time begins THIS WEEKEND ! This is the time to get outside after work, take a walk with friends, improve that relationship, or plan a healthy picnic in the park. (Look at what I just did there - I gave you some ways to continue your resolution journey ;) )

I know quite a few people who have given up on these resolutions because they had a “cheat weekend” that turned into a cheat couple of months. Is that also you? Have you tried taking a step back and modifying your resolution? Many of us (myself DEFINITELY included) take on more than they can chew at one time. I’ve had to reword my resolutions so that they no longer seem daunting, or unmanageable. And THAT has made all of the difference.

I now feel like I can continue working towards these goals (like cooking one new healthy recipe a week, instead of every other day), and thus end up having more time ENJOYING life (and my cooking) instead of STRESSING over how things aren’t going exactly to that New Year’s resolution plan.

Take it one day at a time, enjoy being in the present moment and being CONTENT in life, and continue pursuing your dreams. YOU GOT THIS! Believe in yourself! Go get ‘em, tiger.


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