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Goddess Pose

Goddess Pose. Posa della Dea. Utkata Konasana. However you choose to say it, it is a pose of divine feminine energy, engaging the lower body and toning inner pelvic floor and abdominal muscles. It is strong in nature, as the words “Utkata Konasana” literally translate into “fierce/powerful angle pose”.

This pose has resonated with me for years, but only recently have I begun to dive deeper into its roots. Having a lower body-dominant strength (I was a dancer for 12+ years as a child), and preferred soccer way over any sport requiring hand-eye coordination (I had none), I found this pose to be fiercely me. *PSA - many of you know how much I love rock climbing - so believe me when I tell you, my hand-eye coordination has improved tremendously ;)

While many of you have heard of the word prana, or our innate life force and our ability to breathe, laugh, sing, yell, and everything that begins with our heart, some of you may not know about apana, or our ability to excrete toxins. Goddess pose encourages our downward energy, or apana, and engages our root and sacral chakras. When our Apana is weak, we are susceptible to illness, fear, doubt, and an inability to find a purpose. Getting rid of the waste, and the toxic energy, is one of the most important things you can do.

In other words, LET THAT SHIT GO.


  1. Begin in a wide stance, a little less than outstretched-hands distance apart.

  2. Turn your heels in and toes out. Bend your knees no more than 90 degrees towards your second toe, keeping knees pushing outward, engaging your gluts.

  3. Engage through pelvic floor musculature, drawing your lower abdominals up and in. Knit your lower ribs together, and tuck your tailbone under slightly.

  4. As you sink down into the pose, you may do a variety of arm variations. I currently prefer the goal post option, with my hands in Gyan Mudra (where the tips of the thumb and pointer finger come together).

  5. Maintain a neutral spine. And breathe.

Photo credit: Ali Kochey

Location: Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi; Genoa, Italy

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