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Fly, Warrior, Fly!

Virabhadrasana III, or affectionately referred to as Warrior 3 pose, is a powerful balance asana. 🏔In this variation, I have chosen to bring my arms out to a ‘T’ instead of the traditional position of surrounding the ears over head in order to take pressure out of my shoulders. . To get into position: 1️⃣ Begin in a crescent lunge with the dominant leg forward and arms overhead, palms facing each other.

2️⃣ Start to shift your weight into the front leg, straightening it, and simultaneously lifting your back leg towards the sky. Your hip points should point towards the ground to create an even pelvis, and thus the back toes should flex towards the ground as well. 3️⃣ Engage your core so the abdominals zip up towards your spine, and create a soft gaze at the top of the mat so your neck is in a neutral alignment. 4️⃣ Make sure your standing knee has a micro-bend in it- we never want to lock out the knees in these asanas! 5️⃣ There it is, Warrior 3! 👏 Always think about lengthening the arms and floating leg away from each other, and not about the height of your extremities away from the ground.

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