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Favorite Things

I'm sure by now most of you have come to terms with this new way of living. And by no means does this require you to like it. In fact, you could despise it. Loathe it. Give it the ol' hand gesture. Or maybe you embrace it. Or perhaps you just accept it for what it is, and learn to grow with it. This new way of life has a learning curve, and we're all on different parts of this roller coaster.

For a few of us, this ride is a rickety old wooden coaster bound to make you want to head to the trash can upon exiting; for others, it's as smooth sailing as the lazy river.

Personally, I have a mixed bag of emotions about life as we know it in the present moment. Some days I struggle, and others I flourish - mentally, physically, and emotionally. My story is very similar to many people right now, as we're all in this together, and I have to consider myself lucky. Lucky that *knocks on wood* all of my loved ones around the globe (friends, family, coworkers), and myself, are healthy. Lucky that I am still able to work. Lucky that I have the ability to access food, water, shelter, and internet. Lucky that I have no dependents currently to provide for with the economy like it is. Lucky that I have the support and love from friends and family from across the world that I'm able to talk, video chat, text, Zoom, and even Facebook Live! with.

After listing out things I am thankful for last week, I've decided to list 5 of my favorite things for this next one. I encourage you to find 5 of something, anything, and write them down. Maybe you write 5 positive affirmations. Or 5 places around the world you'd like to visit one day. Perhaps you list 5 goals. Or 5 objects you see in the room you're in right now. Whatever it is, write down 5 of them. If nothing else, it gives you something to do and take your brain off of this new way of life for a few minutes.

Be healthy. Be kind. Keep your chin up. And stay positive, friends. It helps. Namaste.

Five (of my many 😉) Favorite Things 🙏

  1. Listening to the rain on a lazy morning 🌧

  2. Eating a freshly baked brioche with a caffé doppio in the centro of an Italian village 🥐

  3. Getting lost and exploring a brand new city with friends, or by myself 💗

  4. Rock climbing - the camaraderie, the culture, both indoor and outdoor, bouldering and sport climbing, ALL. OF. IT. 😭

  5. The ability to practice yoga at any time, anywhere. With others, and by myself. 🧘‍

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